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Laos Tours: A Guide to Adventure Holiday

Of the three countries that made up the puzzle of French Indochina, Laos is the less developed and the most enigmatic one. A Laos tour and holiday packages in a landlocked and sparsely populated area is amongst the most popular holidays in Indochina, from the fertile plains of the Mekong valley to rugged mountains of Annam, people who have visited Laos agree that this country is the jewel of Southeast Asia without doubt. Travelers choose a vacation in Laos because of its all adventure and active traveling style; there are many options from Kayaking and trekking to home-stay, biking and an ultimate pleasure of elephant adventures.

One of the most and always on demand activities among the all Laos tours is the Elephant ridding, not everyone have the chance to even see this huge and friendly animals in their own country, so, travel to Laos, a country known as the land of the millions elephants will give you different options to experience this adventure activity. The usual trails that almost followed by most of the tour providers are Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Pakse and upon interest a visit to the hill tribes of Laos in the northern mountains near the border with China, however, there are several options to enjoy this thrilling activities and also to experience the lesser known places and interesting peoples, see local Hmong, Khmu, and Lao-Loum village life and Lao’s beautiful countryside from the beautiful lush valleys to the bank side of the dazzling Mekong River.  Some of the other adventure options that are very interesting are such as trekking through the jungles and farmland to visit local hamlets on the outskirts of Luang Prabang, or kayaking down the serene and picturesque Nam Khan River. And when in Tad Se waterfall you can feed, ride, and bathe the naughty elephants or try your adventure skill by the zip-lines through the canopy of trees.

If you plan an adventure Laos tours, then it will be a good idea to consider what and where you wish to visit as there are quite a lot of optional tours to choose from. With spectacular scenery, dense forests and beautiful valleys and hills, and also rivers and picturesque waterfalls, this country offers many adventure trails (hiking or ride on the backs of elephants, excursion by bike or boat) the wilderness with nature and tribal villages; the surrounding area of Luang Prabang with elephant camps; Nam Khan River where you can go for a pleasant kayaking. By the way, that’s not all the things, Laos is a destination full of new things to see and to do. To get more experience and to discover deeper the Indochina, you must try to combine Laos with Vietnam and or Cambodia, other destinations including Myanmar and Thailand are also quite interesting. Vietnam packages tours are divided by regions of Vietnam from north, center and south, some packages are designed for traveling from the length of the country while others planned and combined with other destinations in region.

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