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General Information about Myanmar

Myanmar is located in Southeast Asia which is bordered by India and Bangladesh to the west, Thailand and Laos to the east, and China to the north. Previously known as Burma, Myanmar had been secluded from the whole world for decades and this country used to be known only for its tumultuous history. However, since this sleeping beauty has awakened, tourists from the world now can see the uncovered exquisiteness and meet whole-hearted local people in Myanmar.

Early civilization in Myanmar can be dated back as early as 750,000 years ago. In the 9th century, the Bamar people set up the Bagan Kingdom and Buddhism became predominant in the country. In the 15th century, Bagan Kingdom fell due to the invasion of the Mongol enemy. The British colonized the country from 1824 to 1948. Since then, the country was under military dictatorship and underwent an on-going civil war until 2011.

At the moment, there is no sign of turmoil in this country and Myanmar has become one of the most magical destinations in Southeast Asia. On your tour to Myanmar, you will have a chance to see mesmerizing religious architecture, pristine jungles, spectacular waterfalls and vibrant ethnic villages.



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The 11 Most Beautiful Places in Myanmar

Myanmar’s diverse beauty is absolutely unbelievable. From snowcapped Himalayan mountaintops to vast underwater reefs teeming with abundant life, how has this country’s gorgeousness remained relatively undiscovered for so long?

The Best Street Markets in Yangon, Myanmar

Street markets in Yangon are the kind of markets that make ambling travelers almost swoon. They brim with charismatic locals sat under bright umbrellas selling anything from the ripest of mangoes to the dawn’s freshest catch.

The Intha People of Myanmar Who Balance on One Laeg To Row

In the hills of central Myanmar, the Intha – most of whom are Buddhist – live in a watery world, and their name translates as ‘sons of the lake’. They fish, make jewellery and grow vegetables on floating plots.

All You Need to Know About Myanmar's Traditional Dress Designs

Traditional dress is still worn by many Myanmarese people around the country. Visitors are more likely to see locals dressed in a traditional wardrobe than modern clothing, even in the modern city of Yangon

This Is the Only Face Mask You Will Ever Need in Myanmar

Before there were charcoal masks blowing up the internet with painfully hilarious videos, there was thanaka. This yellowish-white paste is visible on the faces of locals around the country of Myanmar,

A Guide to Bagan, Myanmar's Hot Air Balloons

It’s nearly impossible to picture Bagan without hot air balloons beautifully clouding the historic horizon. Bagan’s balloons have become an iconic symbol of the region, and have carried many travelers on soaring adventures of a lifetime.

A Cyclist’s Guide to Exploring Yangon

One of the best ways to experience a city is by hopping on a bicycle and pedaling through the sights, sounds and smells that surround you. This biking guide to Yangon, Myanmar’s largest hub,

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